Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome commonly known as AIDS is caused by Human Immune Deficiency virus (HIV). HIV infection is either HIV-1, HIV-2, HIV-1 & 2 or by HIV-1-O.

Off late, HIV infections are manageable with Highly Active Anti-Retroviral Therapy (HAART) which comprises of 3-4 Anti-Retroviral drugs (ARVs).

The response rate is the best with these drugs when they are given for the first time. Hence, HIV positive patients are counseled for Adherence 3-4 times before starting HAART. Non adherence to these drugs leads to viral replication, viral mutations and drug resistance and thereby failure of the 1st line regimen.

HIV is monitored by measuring plasma viral load. CD4 and CD4% are the prognostic markers. The goal of the therapy is to achieve Undetectable Viral Load and CD4 count above 200cells/mm3.

Most of the Anti-Retro virals (ARVs) cause hyperlipidemia, lipo-hypertrophy or lipo-atrophy. Hyperlipidemia leads to Coronary Artery Disease (C.A.D.). Therefore, periodic lipid profile check up is required in addition to CD4 counts and plasma viral load.

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